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How to handle AAAA query for v4 only host

  • From: Owen DeLong
  • Date: Wed Apr 12 17:29:03 2006

Apologies if anyone thinks this does not require coordination or is somehow
not operational.

However, I have a situation where some nameservers for which I am responsible
are receiving AAAA queries for hosts for which we are authoritative. We
return the SOA only as it seems we are supposed to, but, we are seeing a
significant delay before we get an A query back from the resolver, which,
we believe represents a significant delay for the end user in getting to
the web page in question.

Is there a better way to answer an AAAA query for a v4 only host? Is it
permitted and/or desirable to return a 6to4 or IPv4-Mapped address?
Is there some other preferable thing to return?



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