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Re: Open Letter to D-Link about their NTP vandalism

  • From: Matt Ghali
  • Date: Tue Apr 11 20:02:31 2006
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Hi Matt-

On Tue, 11 Apr 2006, Matthew Black wrote:

Are you suggesting that we configure our e-mail servers to notify
people upon automatic deletion of spam?
Absolutely not. I was responding to the suggestion that it's a good idea to silently drop mail which you have accepted with a 2xx SMTP rcode.

Frequently, spam cannot be
properly identified until closure of the SMTP conversation and that
I disagree. If your system cannot make content-based decisions on whether to accept mail until "later", it is broken by design.

.or do you think that TCP/IP connection
should be held open until the message can be scanned for spam and
viruses just so we can give a 550 MESSAGE REJECTED error instead of
silently dropping it?
absolutely. is that actually a problem, today, in 2006?

Because most spam originates from a bogus or stolen sender address,
notification creates an even bigger problem. What's next: asking for
permission to hang up on telemarketers?
once again, I never advocated the generation of any such retarded blowback.


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