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Re: XO Peering

  • From: Richard A Steenbergen
  • Date: Tue Apr 11 16:49:17 2006

> > Does anyone know what is going on with XO and their peering?  My XO
> > circuit is taking weird paths to other carriers, and
> > shows elevated latency on all of their links. 
> Latency looks fine - Network availability is pretty pathetic. I can
> route out our XO pipe fine, although there isn't a whole lot on it. I
> can't make mtr do anything funky that would indicate a problem with XO
> so I could open a ticket.

Does anyone else miss the good old days when nanog readers/attendees knew 
why pinging the routers you saw in a traceroute directly was not an 
accurate measurement of anything?

How about when people used diagnostic tools that told you more than "oh 
crap 91ms from *somewhere* on xo to *somewhere* on xo, omgrotfwtflolz the 
square is red and I'm pinging 10 quick post to nanog!"?

Anyone? I think maybe we should all take a moment to hang our heads in 

Richard A Steenbergen <[email protected]>
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