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Re: Open Letter to D-Link about their NTP vandalism

  • From: Simon Lyall
  • Date: Mon Apr 10 20:38:09 2006

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 [email protected] wrote:
> One particular piece of crapware of the tucows archive variety would retry
> once per second if it hadn't heard a response - but a ICMP Port Unreachable
> would trigger an *immediate* query, so it would basically re-query at whatever
> the RTT for the path was.

I've said in other forums the only solution for this sort of software is
to return the wrong time (by several months). The owner might actually
notice then and fix the problem.

Just not returning anything means the time still works on the querying
device (especially if it uses multiple servers) and the problem will not
be noticed and it will continue.

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