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Re: IPv6 Transit?

  • From: sdb
  • Date: Mon Apr 10 12:13:33 2006

> Does anyone have any info on IPv6 deployment at the Tier-1 / Tier-1.5
> level?
> We are multi-homed to both Level3 and Abovenet in the UK and Level3 only
> in the US.
> Level3 did have a promising sounding beta program last year but that
> seems to have stalled. Abovenet apparently have no schedule to deploy v6
> at the moment.
> I would like to be able to v6 enable our network but without a transit
> provider thatís going to prove a bit tricky.

Hi all,

The Level 3 IPv6 beta is still running.  Those (peers and customers)
directly connected to AS3356 who are interested should drop a mail to;
[email protected]