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BGP contact at McLeod?

  • From: neal rauhauser
  • Date: Sun Apr 09 10:41:33 2006

I've got a customer terminating a McLead and a Sprint DS3 on a single 7507. I'm preparing to break this up into two border routers and I'm a little puzzled by the choice to force router ID to be the IP address of the customer's side of the McLeod DS3. The machine didn't have a loopback when I found it and the configuration shows a lot of BGP book learning and what looks like not much hands on. Is this a requirement for the McLeod side to behave properly? I think not but I'd like to hear it from - this customer is very finicky and I don't want any 'excitement' during the transition.

router bgp 8675309
no synchronization
bgp router-id x.y.z.10
neighbor x.y.z.9 remote-as 7228

interface ATM6/1/0.1 point-to-point
description Internet PVC to McLeod
ip address x.y.z.10

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