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RE: Open Letter to D-Link about their NTP vandalism

  • From: Mark Borchers
  • Date: Fri Apr 07 21:40:10 2006

Jeff Shultz wrote:

> By no means am I encouraging legally actionable activity, 
> however, and as noted, (b) just might be.

LOL!  Did you read down to the end?...

I can't afford to sue D-Link. It seems that they have managed to arrange
their corporate affairs so that there is no way I can sue them here in
Denmark, but will have to do it either in Taiwan or USA. Needless to say, I
can't afford that. 

I would buy a ticket to witness the sublime poetic justice of D-Link trying
to appeal to the Danish legal system over Poul's efforts to fend off their

And in response to Kevin Day:

> I think the lesson here is that any service you make available to the  
> public (NTP, DNS, IRC, SMTP, whatever) is going to be used in ways  
> that do not match with your desires.

I take it then that you are among those who believe that abuse of any
of these types of services should only be countered by technical 
means then, and never through legal remedies?