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Re: Qwest issues in western US

  • From: PC
  • Date: Tue Apr 04 11:43:03 2006

Qwest connetivity from Salt Lake to ATT ENS in the bay area is stopping at at core SLC qwest router in traceroutes.

Qwest's network status page also shows 5% packet loss for the SLC region at the moment (which means what -- one link test from elsewhere is down 100% and 19 are up?).

John Neiberger wrote:
Janet Sullivan <[email protected]> 4/4/06 9:09:24 AM >>>
Anyone seeing Qwest issues in the Western US?
What sort of issues are you seeing? I've got a site in CA that's using
Qwest's iQ VPN and it's been intermittently unreachable all morning.
During the short periods I can actually access the router, I'm not
seeing any errors or layer three problems from the site's perspective
(BGP peer isn't flapping, for example.)

I'm just about to open a ticket. We'll see what they say.