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Re: OT: Xen

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Mon Apr 03 17:19:34 2006

Todd Vierling wrote:
This is now straying really OT.  I answered some of this offlist, but
generally, the best place for technical background on Xen is its home:
This forum is about operating.

I guess if some bad operators separated their poorly managed systems with
things like Xen, then Gadies drone armies would drown.

Suppose you have the users 'root', 'morone' and 'monkey'.

Guess who root is?

monkey is running an old and buggy forum software - gets hacked everyday ...

morone is running an ftp-server with anonymous access.

Neither morone nor monkey can bring the system down because neither of
them has root access. Both are chrooted as seen from 'root'

If morone gets hacked then his ftp-server is gone but the hackers cannot
deface monkeys html-site.

If the hackers get monkey they dont have a clue about morone's ftp-servers.

The guys are splendidly isolated and root has an undesturbed sleep.

Best is: You dont run anything that is not needed. If you run only a
single application, your system is not worth the time it takes to hack it :)

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