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RE: AT&T: 15 Mbps Internet connections "irrelevant"

  • From: Frank Bulk
  • Date: Sat Apr 01 21:50:29 2006

Sorry if I wasn't clear, but I meant IP-based STB's, like those made from
Amino, Entone, i3 Micro, Motorola's Kreatel, Cisco's Scientific-Atlanta,
Wegener, Sentivision and middleware from vendors such as Infogate,
Microsoft, Minerva, Orca Interactive, and Siemen's Myrio.  And now that
content providers are starting to require encryption, none of these earlier
pairs can actually be used unless they include conditional access solutions
from the likes of Irdeto, Latens, Nagravision, Verimatrix, Widevine.

DIRECTV does not use an IP-based STB, AFAIK, and delivers their content to
consumers via satellite, not using AT&T last-mile's infrastructure, which
initiated this thread.


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On Sat, 1 Apr 2006, Frank Bulk wrote:

> Yes, there are quite a few MPEG4-capable STB vendors with lots of 
> middleware vendors standing behind them, but I challenge you to 
> document one STB/middleware combination in GA.  I haven't seen it.  
> Talk to me in six months, and it will be a different story.

err. directv?


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