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Have Yahoo! gone pink?

  • From: Peter Corlett
  • Date: Wed Mar 29 16:29:40 2006
  • Newsgroups: newsgate.nanog

[I'm wearing my personal hat here.]

I'm getting a *flood* of spam coming in from Yahoo! mailservers, both to my
personal and work addresses. It seems that Yahoo! don't care. Here's the
response to me piping a sample one through Spamcop:

Yahoo claim "After investigation, we have determined that this email message
did not originate from the Yahoo! Mail system. It appears that the sender of
this message forged the header information to give the impression that it
came from the Yahoo! Mail system."

The spam headers claim otherwise:

Received: from ([])
	  by with esmtp (Exim 4.50)
	  id 1FJbCW-0002Ag-IV
	  for [email protected]; Wed, 15 Mar 2006 18:58:29 +0000

As does DNS and whois:

[email protected]:~$ host domain name pointer
[email protected]:~$ host has address
[email protected]:~$ whois

OrgName:    Yahoo! Inc. 
OrgID:      YAHOOI-2
Address:    701 First Avenue
City:       Sunnyvale
StateProv:  CA
PostalCode: 94089
Country:    US

Doing double-DNS lookups of the IP addresses on other spams also give hostnames, and they're typically in DNSBLs for being sources of
spam and a useless abuse address.

So, which IP blocks shall I null-route then? Or is there anybody here from
Yahoo! with a clue? (OK, you can all stop laughing now.)

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