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Re: Mildly OT: NEMA plug guide for dummies

  • From: seph
  • Date: Tue Mar 28 18:23:20 2006

And for the twist locks


Alex Rubenstein <[email protected]> writes:

> (I got this by going to google, typing 'nema plug' and hitting 'I'm
> Felling Lucky!')
> On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, Olsen, Jason wrote:
>> So I have a large amount of 802.3af gear going out to sites for new
>> installs and upgrades, which means a lot of new electrical service is
>> being pulled into closets.  Despite my best efforts it seems the
>> standard IT-Facilities miscommunications are occuring with the building
>> folks at these sites, the wiring is being done wrong and I'm left to
>> clean up the mess.  What's vexed me the most about this is that many of
>> our "remote hands" have no electrical experience at all so they're
>> completely unable to determine the types of plugs and receptacles
>> they're dealing with.  I'm left with descriptions that are, I kid you
>> not, as helpful as "the twisty plug with the bent part."  If somebody
>> can't tell me if the receptacle is L6-15 or L5-15 I'm going to have a
>> very difficult time sorting this all out and getting the appropriate
>> wiring (re)done.
>> So I'm wondering, has anybody found a good online resource (or a printed
>> resource I can go pick up somewhere) that has illustrations of the
>> different plugs and receptacles found in the wild?  It would help me
>> greatly if I could just point somebody to a PDF online somewhere and say
>> "Go to this website, find the receptacle that looks like what has been
>> installed in your switch closet and read the number back to me."  I
>> found one at and while it'll do in a pinch, it's sorta
>> low-quality and I'd like something better.
>> Off-list replies welcomed.
>> -Fer
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