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Re: Honest Cogent opinions without rhetoric.

  • From: Charles Gucker
  • Date: Wed Mar 08 14:20:57 2006

On Wed, Mar 08, 2006 at 12:10:35PM -0500, Omachonu Ogali wrote:
> I have the need to de-pref my routes to Level3, to be of equal value as the
> routes they receive from their peers, but they don't offer a community for
> that. But wow, I can see that this route originated from Tustin, CA!

Hrm, this seems very straight forward to me:


customer traffic engineering communities - LocalPref
        3356:70   - set local preference to 70
        3356:80   - set local preference to 80
        3356:90   - set local preference to 90

I believe peering routes are set to a local preference of 70 within L3,
but I could be mistaken.   Would be best to ask the TCAM group what a 
peer's LP is set to by default.

> Everyone's traffic engineering needs are different. BGP communities were
> created because one size doesn't fit all. But that doesn't mean that you
> will find the same communities (that are of use to you) on a different
> provider.

	Agreed, but you also have to understand that some networks have
more or less flexiblity with their peers.  The ones who have more "authority"
(or believe they do) will publically offer greater control, while those with
less "authority" may decide to limit their public statements.

	The other train of thought I've seen with a number of providers is..
The more communities they support, the more questions/misconfiguration they
will run into as a result.   I even know a few providers who refuse to
give out their community guides without proving your technical knowledge