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Re: Welcome back, Ma Bell

  • From: Justin M. Streiner
  • Date: Mon Mar 06 11:28:03 2006

On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Christian Kuhtz wrote:

That being said, the 'new ATT' with all those assets will need to be integrated, and work efficiently. Turf battles will ensue. Tens of
Integration, going on past experience, is highly unlikely. The last time I had any interaction with Worldcom regarding circuit/provisioning issues, there was little, if any integration of legacy engineering/provisioning data/OSSen. In other words, "Oh, that's an MFS circuit ID, I'll need to get onto another system to get the details on it." Same thing with different incarnations of Bell of Pennsylv^H^H^H^H^HBell Atl^H^H^H^HVerizon. It's the same phenomenon of having 37 different numbers to call to get anything done at $RBOC, none of which are connected to each other. If their phone tree is that disorganized, I have little reason to suspect the underlying support systems are any different, nor will they be under the SB^H^H^HNew AT&T.