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Re: shim6 @ NANOG

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Mon Mar 06 04:55:44 2006

> I can tell you this: the only scalable solutions 
> on the horizon are:
> - moving multihoming related state out of the DFZ (this is what shim6 
> does)

This is what geo-topological addressing does.

> - remove the requirement that every DFZ router carries every prefix, 
> which can't be done as long as PI blocks sit at the top of the 
> addressing hierarchy

Geotop addressing does this also because only a few
aggregates are in the DFZ. The detail is elsewhere.

> The closest thing to a magic, pain-free solution would be to allocate 
> PI blocks such that it's possible to aggregate them together and 
> ignore the more specifics for far away regions of the world, so that 
> in 2030 you don't have to carry 60000 Chinese PI blocks world wide 
> that all sit behind the same Great Firewall anyway,


And this doesn't need to be done in a mandatory way. It
can be done so that large providers can continue to use
provider-aggregatable addresses. Geotop addressing is 
one of those 80-20 solutions where the largest 20% of
providers mostly use classic IPv6 address but the other
80% of smaller multihomers use geotopologically aggregatable

--Michael Dillon