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personal apology

  • From: Gadi Evron
  • Date: Fri Mar 03 18:22:08 2006

Hi guys. There are a couple of things I think I should apologize for, as there have been several complaints to me recently which convinced me I am wrong.

1. Cross posting.

It was done before yes and not just by me, but the controversy on that showed up *recently*. In that recent space, it was done in a very limited time-frame and for a reason. That reason was to find people outside the normal scope of operations who also handle these issues. That was a success. I already apologized for that on nanog-futures as indeed that criticism of me is 100% correct.

All the above is irrelevant.
I was wrong. Nothing more to it despite whatever reasons and excuses I may have.

2. Responding to trolling.

Responding to trolls and flames is counter-productive and further removes content from signal to noise. Shouldn't have done that.

I was wrong. Nothing more to it despite whatever reasons and excuses I may have.

Enough of "me" -

On other issues some may disagree with us, but the approach is operational. If we are wrong we will find out. We listen to input but unlike others who just criticize, we go out and try to do good - some don't like that one bit as it shakes their view of the world.

We will listen and consider, but forgive us if we will give more value to the voices of those who actually do instead of talk.

Thanks everyone, I felt I owed this email to the community. On these two subjects I am indeed very much at fault. On the rest - let the trolls be trolls.