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Re: ASNumber Extension for Firefox available

  • From: Andre Oppermann
  • Date: Mon Feb 13 13:54:03 2006

william(at) wrote:
On Mon, 13 Feb 2006, Richard Cox wrote:

Another thing I want to do is to show the number of RBL
(Spamhaus, etc) listed IPs per AS.
That sounds useful.  As would be the possibility to block access to
sites that are so listed (in the same way that software installation
by unauthorised sites is blocked until specifically enabled)
Since I'm one of the few people who has this data, I can tell you that actual 'number' is not as usefull as it may seem. There are different
RBLs with different focus and point of view and while some list individual
ips and live for a few days, others list ip blocks (and sometimes entire allocated block) can exist for months and years and are result of manual research. The first one causes a lot highier number in ASN RBL listings but underscores significance of the block listings.
I'd like to inlcude a category in the ASNumber tooltip which lists
the number of listed IPs within that AS per RBL. It'd look like this:

 SBL:  5835/5
 XBL:  2645/3
 SCBL: 3864/4

[numbers made up..., the second number is the average of listed IPs
per /24 announced by the AS]

Entire netblocks do not count as one but as many IPs they span.