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Re: live chat with other nanog'ers

  • From: Kyle Lutze
  • Date: Fri Dec 30 00:50:06 2005

correction: more than just skiddies, sorry about that.

Kyle Lutze wrote:
Hannigan, Martin wrote:

well, unfortunately the only way to get the chan dropped and added back to us is by going through the steering committee and having one of them talk to rob levin, (lilo, [email protected]).

What does the steering committee have to do with #nanog? We
can't even keep the mailing list on topic and you want to have #NANOG all gussied up? What is the purpose again? Oh,
I'm sorry, you're on meds. In that case, we'll be sure to send a note into the SC and make sure they start asking skiddies to unlock IRC channels PRIORITY ONE.


there are more than skiddies in that chan with more coming over from efnet, and rob levin is the one that said the steering committee had to contact him. Other people that keep joining the chan keep asking for it to go through

The idea seems to have brought up a lot of negative feedback through emails, sorry I brought it up. (and yes, I do know what AS is, I had only momentarily forgotten the acronymn). I shall go back to passively watching the list now.

have a good day