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Re: live chat with other nanog'ers

  • From: Kyle Lutze
  • Date: Thu Dec 29 20:55:01 2005

well, unfortunately the only way to get the chan dropped and added back to us is by going through the steering committee and having one of them talk to rob levin, (lilo, [email protected]).
Otherwise Rob is going to lock it and foward it to ##nanog. I have that chan, and am perfectly willing to give it up to somebody more involved with nanog, but I'm hoping one of the committee members steps in so we don't go through some B.S. stuff like lilo likes to do (sorry, bad dealings with him from past, ignore my distaste for him)


Albert Meyer wrote:
I briefly contacted the previous maintainer of #nanog on freenode but he seems to have dropped out of sight again. We can talk in the channel now but nobody has ops. I am emailing him again today; if he doesn't respond, and if there are no objections, I'll work with freenode to get the channel resurrected. If anyone wants to object, please do so now.

Kyle Lutze wrote:

I've been watching the list, saw some posts, but nothing definite has been done, is there another place besides efnet where competent people are joining to chat on topic? Otherwise I would love to see people on freenode or oftc