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Ebay Verification?

  • From: Mehgan Laveck
  • Date: Wed Dec 28 15:24:30 2005

Hello all -

I am hoping to enlist some help in verifying a problem that has affected
several users on my network.  Here's the deal.  Over the course of the
last month, we have noticed random timeouts in trying to reach certain IPs
on Ebay's web farm.  The following IPs seem to crop up repeatedly:

We have seen many cases where telnetting to port 80 on these IPs results
in a timeout rather than the expected HTTP connection.  So far, we have
seen the problems most often from Linux boxes, I have not been able to
recreate the issue from FreeBSD, OpenBSD or Solaris.  I have heard one
report of a failure from WindowsXP, but have not seen the problem on
Windows myself.  We have verified that the issue happens through 2 of our
upstreams, Level3 and Cogent.

There seem to be some thoughts as to akamai being the possible culprit,
specifically as it interacts with Linux.  I'm hoping a few of you Linux
users out there will give it a shot, telnetting to port 80 on these IPs
several times to see if you can get a failure.  Any thoughts on this issue
are greatly appreciated.

Mehgan Laveck - Network Engineer
Front Range Internet, Inc.
[email protected] - (970) 212-0725