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Re: Destructive botnet originating from Japan

  • From: Richard A Steenbergen
  • Date: Sun Dec 25 04:24:43 2005

On Sun, Dec 25, 2005 at 02:06:38AM -0600, Gadi Evron wrote:
> It is difficult to hear something important that one invested much in is
> doing harm, but that is the only conclusion I and others can come up with
> after years of study, and NSP-SEC, as amazing as it has been, has been of
> a negative impact other than to cause a community to form and act
> together. Which is amazing by itself and which is why I believe it
> can do so much more.. even if it is relatively young it has proven
> itself time and time again... I am straying from the subject here.

Could have told you that a long time ago. NSP-SEC became useless the day 
it became so bogged down in its own self-aggrandizing paranoia that no one 
could possibly be bothered to actually tell anyone outside of the secret 
handshake club about security issues they've spotted.

On the other hand, if you ARE going to sit around pissing and moaning 
about botnets you are too "sekure" to tell anyone else about, thus 
assuring they never get fixed, at least it's nice to do it in one secret 
place so I don't have to hear it. :)

Richard A Steenbergen <[email protected]>
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