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Re: Slightly OT: Redundant CPE Switching for DS3

  • From: John Neiberger
  • Date: Thu Dec 22 16:36:22 2005

>>> <[email protected]> 12/22/05 12:35:36 PM >>>
>On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 12:21:55PM -0700, John Neiberger wrote:
>> I'm curious to find out if there is a device that would allow a
>> DS3 to terminate on two different routers, and switch from the
>> to the backup router if the primary were to fail. I've seen this
>> T1 circuits but I can't find anything for DS3.
>I'd bet you could make something workable with a DPDT coaxial relay,
>driving it from alarm contacts or a relay output of whatever
>monitoring system you might already have. The tricky part would
>probably be appropriately defining "failure" in order to get it to
>automatically switch at the right time without causing more problems 
>than you started with.

I found what I was looking for, sort of: 

They have a box that is basically an A/B switch. The failover is not
automatic (they have an automatic version for T1) but it is controllable
via SNMP/Web/Telnet, and it can also has a feature called Auto-Ping
which will cause the switch to trip if the pings fail. However, this box
does not detect if the primary CPE has failed, which is what I was
hoping to get. However, this is still better than nothing and the price
is only $775.