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Re: #nanog: was Re: down

  • From: Daniel Roesen
  • Date: Wed Dec 21 17:42:56 2005

On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 02:30:18PM -0600, Albert Meyer wrote:
> I'd like to see a useful #nanog where network operators could chat.

That channel does exist but is not NANOG-related. Some #nanog folks who
do want to finally chat on-topic hang out there. Quote from one of them:
"dude, this is prolly the most on topic IRC channel I was ever in". :-)

Fortunately, even with currently almost 200 folks in it, there is enough
self discipline to stay mostly on topic.

> I looked around at the various IRC networks and freenode looks OK.
> They bind channels to organizations, so #nanog could be bound to NANOG;
> this would allow the channel to be rescued if it got lost. Does anyone
> agree that this would be a good idea?

Who cares about organizations when it comes to exchange a few words
between operators?

Best regards,

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