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Re: Deploying IPv6 in a datacenter (Was: Awful quiet?)

  • From: Kevin Loch
  • Date: Wed Dec 21 13:37:28 2005

Kevin Day wrote:

We wouldn't have met the proposed 2005-1 requirements for a /44 (we don't come close to 100,000 devices), and lose functionality if we're required to advertise it through a single aggregated address.
The high requirements of the "current" 2005-1 were so thoroughly
rejected at the last ARIN meeting that it will probably return
closer to the original 2005-1 at the next meeting.  Something like
"if you have an IPv4 assignment/allocation from ARIN you can
get an end site assignement".

There was also a suggestion to eliminate the "single aggregate
announcement" requirement from both end-site and ISP sections.

- Kevin