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Re: Deploying IPv6 in a datacenter (Was: Awful quiet?)

  • From: Kevin Loch
  • Date: Wed Dec 21 11:13:26 2005

Kevin Day wrote:

9) Once we started publishing AAAA records for a few sites, we started getting complaints from some users that they couldn't reach the sites.
It is possible that a broken 6to4 relay somewhere was causing problems.
Running your own local 6to4 relay (rfc3068) will improve performance and
reduce the chances of going through a broken one.

FWIW, I have been running some AAAA records for almost a year on some
revenue generating sites without any reachability complaints or
drop in traffic.   I do run a local 6to4 relay though.

I know this is still a hot topic and several proposals are being passed around to resolve some of these issues, but it seems like I *lose* functionality with IPv6 that I have with IPv4, mostly due to the "don't deaggregate your allocation" mantra, and how far the bar was raised to get PI space.
It sounds like you are an existing ISP in the ARIN reigon. If so then you qualify for a /32 allocation. Let us know if you have any problems getting one. For non-ISP's, the policy is still being worked out. See the ARIN ppml list for discussion. As for deaggregation, it is not
recommended because some filter (/48's) and some don't which results
in sub-optimal paths, but it can be done depending on what your
peers will accept.

- Kevin