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Re: Awful quiet?

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Wed Dec 21 05:15:40 2005

Jim Popovitch wrote:
I miss the endless debates.  Is *everyone*  Christmas shopping?

Here's a thought to ponder....

With the thousands of datacenters that exist with IPv4 cores, what will it take to get them to move all of their infrastructure and customers to IPv6?  Can it even be done or will they just run IPv6 to the core and proxy the rest?

-Jim P.

Looking at my own "datacenter":

Unifix Linux 2.0.0
No it will never move.

Eisfair, kernel 2.2.x
My router and my dns, ftp, remote shell
No they will probably never move.

Suse Linux 8.3 (kernel 2.4.x)
my workstation
Used to have its IPv6 enabled. Gave me problems with connectivity.
I dont have IPv6 to the outside so I had to disable the stack.
Runs a lot smoother now.
It tooks me week to get the IPv6 stack running in the first place.

I tried ISODE 8.0 recently. It still works on all my computers.
I could even connect to a friend who also tried ISODE 8.0
It works through IPv4. What happened to ISO?

I guess that is what will finally happen to IPv6.

I used to have a local IPv6 network running. But with site-local
and link-local disappearing the configuration became invalid.
Not having valid IPv6 addresses any longer I did not get a headache
when I took my IPv6 stack down.

My log looks cleaner. No more complaints from my DNS server.
Now I am looking forward to what will come after IPv6.


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