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RE: Two Tiered Internet

  • From: Michael Loftis
  • Date: Mon Dec 19 14:35:29 2005

--On December 15, 2005 11:27:29 AM +0700 Randy Bush <[email protected]> wrote:

given an internet where the congestion is at the edges, where
there are no alternate paths, i am not sure i understand your

fergie's message gets my vote for right-on message of the month.
this is all smoke.
Exactly. They're scared that VoIP will eat them alive (probably right) and so they're rushing to 'do something about it' and so they're using the PUCs to legalize their monopolies. Can't have this router riff-raff running the show now can we. They've been watching income dwindle for a while now. Long distance isn't the cash cow it once was, with every cell phone getting free, at least nearly, or cheap LD. And the prospect of WiFi enabled cities, that means that no one has to pay them for the last mile, or at least a lot less people will, well, they (Ma Bell and the Babies) just can't have that.

I'm hoping to get some more time this week to really read through the proposed junk and get a better handle on *what* they're trying to do, other than the obvious of securing their revenue stream by all means necessary.

Fact is, we're (ISPs in general) all lighter, faster, and more aggressive.