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Re: Two Tiered Internet

  • From: Fergie
  • Date: Thu Dec 15 12:26:39 2005


What they are really saying is:

"We're _telling_ you that you need it because we need new
ways to generate additional revenue."



- ferg

-- Alexander Harrowell <[email protected]> wrote:

The whole QoS/2 tier Internet thing I find deeply, deeply in the mobile space, everyone is getting
obsessed by IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and explaining to
each other that they need it so they can offer "Better QoS,
like the subscribers want". What they really mean, I suspect,
is killing third party applications that compete with their
own. IMS=I Mash Skype. And, I suspect, "QoS" for SBC
customer broadband will mean "the speed we advertise so
long as you are paying us for VoIP/video/whatever, shite
if you aren't".


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