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NAT Configuration for Dual WAN Router

  • From: Joe Johnson
  • Date: Wed Dec 14 20:43:29 2005

I've been trying over and over to figure this one out, but I'm just hitting
the end of my wits.  We have a remote office that can only get 768Kbps DSL,
which they've not totally maxed out.  So management's solution now is to buy
a second DSL line, but they won't let me buy a dual WAN router (in case they
add a 3rd DSL line).
I've found some great articles on how to get the interfaces working with 2
default gateways (I used this:
s) and that is all running fine.  It alternates every few minutes which WAN
port is used when I traceroute (which is fine) and everything is
connecting fine from the router.  However, I can't figure out how to get NAT
running on the server for the 2 WAN ports for clients inside the LAN.  I can
NAT to 1 DSL, but that is useless.
What I am looking for is a tutorial in how to do this or a pointer to
someone who can help.  Anyone know of a resource for this?
Joe Johnson
[email protected]