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Re: Let's talk about ICANN

  • From: Greg
  • Date: Mon Dec 12 07:04:08 2005


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Subject: Let's talk about ICANN

I'm surprised that I've yet to see any mention here on NANOG about the
Internet Governance Forum discussions that were held at the WSIS /
United Nations summit in Tunisia a few weeks ago.  From my reading of
the various articles, it appears that the EU together with some
developing nations wanted to wrest "control of the Internet" away from
the US and ICANN. Was everyone unaware of this, or were you just
counting on Vint Cerf to talk sense into the delegates from the other

It's old news by now but I don't see your point in saying Vint would talk "common sense" as if implying taking control away would have been against common sense. I can see the point that countries that put down all sorts of commonly talked about subjects would have made a mash of it but then that is entirely America/ICANN's fault for getting into the situation. Clinton and/or advisors were very smart in his term in office. They could foresee Internet and what it would mean to the world. At the same time they were incredibly dumb. It *SHOULD* have been registered as a company, worldwide and the offered free to all. In that way they could have kept control. Now, though there is some leeway, there is no certainty. Let's face it - when, not "if" China makes it's own version, that will be when the shit hits the fan BUT as they have the Beijing Olympics and wresting control of Internet away from what it is now would seriously harm them, they wont do anything until it is over. THAT is when China will make it's own brand Internet.

IMHO, we will end up back in the old BBS days of the 80s except it will be Internet style BBS communication, if this shattering occurs but don't fret too much. There is yet another glimmer of hope on the horizon. Keep an eye on the upcoming 3D computing environment and virtual technology. When that becomes a reliable and cheap enough source, that will replace Internet and if, this time, USA trademarks it as I described above, there should be no problems with people HONESTLY meeting "in cyberspace".