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Re: SMTP store and forward requires DSN for integrity

  • From: Todd Vierling
  • Date: Sat Dec 10 17:56:45 2005

On Sat, 10 Dec 2005, Douglas Otis wrote:

> BATV will make forged DSNs a thing of the past, irrespective of where a
> recipient list is checked, an AV or SPAM filter is added, etc.

Stop plugging a recipient-side cost-shift scheme that you're directly
involved with as some sort of panacea.  BATV has benefits, as do other
schemes, but you're still fixated on it as being the end-all, be-all of
forgery prevention -- by making third parties do the dirty work and letting
the instigators off the hook.

By putting the costs on the shoulders of third parties, you're putting
yourself squarely on the side of the spewing hosts, and being as ignorant as
the admins running the anti-malware products on those hosts.  For shame.

Until you get the point that you're putting the burden on people that have
nothing to do with the problem that started this long thread (anti-malware
notices to forged senders), and your first priority should be stopping that
spew at the source BEFORE asking uninvolved third parties to help, you're
going to continue to look like the self-absorbed crack smoker you've made
yourself out to be.

-- Todd Vierling <[email protected]> <[email protected]> <[email protected]>