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RE: SMTP store and forward requires DSN for integrity (was Re:Cluelessanti-virus )

  • From: Steven J. Sobol
  • Date: Fri Dec 09 12:08:43 2005

On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Geo. wrote:

> I hear you but you and I both know AV companies are not going to give up the
> automated spamming feature that easily.

Then maybe we should bring market pressure to bear on them. Personally, I 
run Exim and ClamAV and don't have that problem. If they're going to spam 
- and I'm sorry, we're not talking about DSNs here, we're talking about 
obnoxious AV vendors telling us how great their product is - then either 
we should try to convince people to stop using those vendors or at least 
beat up on the vendors to fix their brokenness. Is anyone here a customer 
of any of the vendors that play this game?

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