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Re: Viral Cure Could 'Immunise' The Internet

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Fri Dec 09 10:07:20 2005

[email protected] wrote:

Thought folks might find this interesting

Viral Cure Could 'Immunise' The Internet, New Scientist

Excerpts: A cure for computer viruses that spreads in a viral fashion could immunise the internet, even against pests that travel at lightning speed, a mathematical study reveals.
Most conventional anti-virus programs use "signatures" to identify and block viruses. But experts must first analyse a virus before sending out the fix. This means that rapidly spreading viruses can cause widespread damage before being stopped.

Source: Viral Cure Could 'Immunise' The Internet, Kurt Kleiner, NewScientist, 05/12/01

Sounds like: "I make your computer part of my botnet - only to prevent you from becomming
part of somebodyelses botnet."

How do I discriminate a real virus from a preventive one?

I mean, how do I forge my virus so that you believe it is
a preventive one?

How about biology? AIDS works by attacking the immune system. If we had no white
blood vessels there would be no AIDS.

Some vermin does already use Anti Virus Systems to spread.

Ok, if they use their preventive virus to kill all windows out there and replace it
with a linux? Yes, that might be an idea. That would really stop the virus.


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