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Re: Viral Cure Could 'Immunise' The Internet

  • From: Andre Oppermann
  • Date: Fri Dec 09 09:56:24 2005

[email protected] wrote:

Thought folks might find this interesting

Viral Cure Could 'Immunise' The Internet, New Scientist

Excerpts: A cure for computer viruses that spreads in a viral fashion could immunise the internet, even against pests that travel at lightning speed, a mathematical study reveals.
Most conventional anti-virus programs use "signatures" to identify and block viruses. But experts must first analyse a virus before sending out the fix. This means that rapidly spreading viruses can cause widespread damage before being stopped.

Source: Viral Cure Could 'Immunise' The Internet, Kurt Kleiner, NewScientist, 05/12/01
Skynet becoming self-aware anyone?