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Re: Sober

  • From: Matthew Black
  • Date: Sat Dec 03 02:16:14 2005

On Fri, 02 Dec 2005 19:09:23 -0500
 Jim Popovitch <[email protected]> wrote:
Joseph S D Yao wrote:
Why would anyone not trolling for viruses use MS mail products, Chris?
Because they are "forced" or "told" to by their MIS department? Sometimes the blind do lead the blind...and the blind follow (who's leading?) :-)

It's also worth pointing out that MS mail products generally include a lot more functionality than just email. Calendaring and workflow are in high demands. Give MIS departments a better product and they will use it.

-Jim P.

What makes MS products so wonderful is they include much more
functionality than many other products.

What makes MS products so horrible is that the add functionality
by making users' systems vulnerable to security threats under
the guise of helpfulness (e.g., VB scripting, auto preview in

We too saw a large surge in e-mail bounces hitting our site.
Our IronPort e-mail gateways are configured to drop viruses
laden and undeliverable messages rather than bounce them to
the victimized "from" sender.

Why Fortune-500 e-mail administrators cannot figure out this
one is confounding. How about a nice article in WSJ, Fortune,
or Forbes which lists the companies with misconfigured systems
so investors are informed as to the IT infrastructure of their

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

matthew black
california state university, long beach