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Re: What do we mean when we say "competition?"

  • From: Henry Yen
  • Date: Wed Nov 30 16:57:51 2005

On Sat, Nov 26, 2005 at 07:53:32AM -0500, Robert E.Seastrom wrote:
> Henry Yen <[email protected]> writes:
> > In (at least) the Long Island, NY market, Verizon FTTH/FIOS installers
> > physically cut and decommission the copper upon fiber install.
> > Bye-bye DSL competition.  Since they won't bring back the copper
> > even you don't like the FIOS service, it's permanent.  ISTR that
> > the fiber doesn't carry the same restrictions on Verizon as copper
> > did, which is a big incentive (for them) to roll out FIOS that way.
> My understanding is that there is a fairly small number of pots
> circuits (2?) that they can bring in over the B-PON, and that moreover
> ISDN BRI and hicap (eg. repeatered or HDSL DS1 service) are entirely
> incompatible.

In this market, it's four.

> In Virginia, there's anecdotal evidence that suggests that they'll
> leave the copper upon request, and won't even try to remove it if you
> still need it for service.
> Guess you know what to do.  :)

Complain louder?   I have more than four POTS lines, and Verizon's
response was "then you can't have FIOS" (even after offering them to
pay for an additional phone line on top of the FIOS service).
There's anecdotal evidence in this market that they will absolutely
refuse to do FIOS unless the existing copper is cut (in my case, since
they can't do that, they simply refuse to allow FIOS).  Ironic, as the
FIOS OC-12 runs through my backyard, about 45 feet from the house...

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