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Re: BGP Security and PKI Hierarchies

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Tue Nov 29 05:21:07 2005

> >The fees are not charged for past services that were
> >received for free, only for future services.
> So you are saying that legacy space holder who signed a memberhsip
> agreement would not owe the usual yearly fee associated with their
> legacy space holdings but only those fees associated with any
> future address space allocations/assignments? 

Of course they would pay the normal membership fee.
In ARIN, this fee is roughly related to the size of the
address space holding, but only roughly. It is a flat
fee for the annual membership subscription and it covers
all the whois listings, changes to whois entries, hosting, hosting, and new address 
allocations for the whole year. 

The fee is not directly related to the address holding,
i.e. ARIN members do not pay a fee for the addresses
which are allocated to them. The subscription fee is
higher for larger allocations because larger organizations
use more services more often. The holder of a class C only
pays $1250 per year which seems a reasonable business 
expense for supporting the RIRs. And the holder of a
class B would pay only $9,000 and a class A holder would
pay the maximum rate of $18,000.

It's hard to imagine an organization who can afford to run
a network using BGP to announce a class C block and not
be able to afford $1250 per year.

--Michael Dillon