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Re: BGP Security and PKI Hierarchies

  • From: Sandy Murphy
  • Date: Mon Nov 28 10:54:05 2005

>Regardless of what the legacy space users think, if the
>RIRs decided to sign certificates for use in BGP route
>for a small fee to recover costs, and if those legacy
>space holders wish to make use of this new service (like
>a new version of Windows) then they have to sign up and 
>pay the fees. The fact that they once received a free 
>service does not entitle them to receive *ALL* services
>for free *FOREVER*.

(NOTE: I am speaking for others here, readers should be aware.)

The/One difficulty is that signing up for this new service,
for at least one registry, requires that you sign up for the
same membership relationship as the non-legacy-holders.  That
means you submit to the registry authority over the address
you were allocated for "free", and obligates you to paying the
fee thereafter.  And therefore risking having the address
reclaimed if membership rules are not met.

The question is whether the cert signing service is valuable enough
to warrant the change in risk.  If the cert signing service is
put into use widely enough, then I hope people would see that as
a value and buy in.

(NOTE: I am not a registrar and any opinions here about registry
behavior are hearsay and conclusions of the witness.)