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Re: What do we mean when we say "competition?"

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Sat Nov 26 21:03:58 2005

Robert E.Seastrom wrote:
My understanding is that there is a fairly small number of pots
circuits (2?) that they can bring in over the B-PON, and that moreover
ISDN BRI and hicap (eg. repeatered or HDSL DS1 service) are entirely

In Virginia, there's anecdotal evidence that suggests that they'll
leave the copper upon request, and won't even try to remove it if you
still need it for service.

I can verify that they will leave it if you ask them to. At least in Maryland. Though I told them to remove it.

If I want copper service again, I can just order some services that they can't deliver over FIOS yet and solve the problem that way. It might be more fun to do that... come to think of it.

What is REALLY interesting is that they will suggest to Cable folks (who only use the internet service) that they can get Comcast to remove any aerials they have if they are done with Comcast service. You can imagine the negative revenue created by that kind of activity.

Deepak Jain