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Re: BGP Security and PKI Hierarchies (was: Re: Wifi Security)

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Wed Nov 23 22:07:58 2005

>>> We are discussing how we can do subsidiary certificate services like
>>> this in APNIC but I think this goes outside of routing policy and
>>> into registry business practices which are unlikely to be common
>>> for all RIR and NIR in the ways that resource certificates *have*
>>> to be.
>> if it is not common across registries, and if my certs do not
>> work across registries, then something is very very broken,
>> and a major pita at the isps', aka your members', expense.
> If you want to see member-certificates which gate access to
> RIR/NIR specific services common across all registries, I think
> you want to get that onto an RIR meeting agenda Randy.

i have been whining about the problems of cross-registry operation
for over a decade, formally, informally, presos, ...  i have had it
on every rir's meeting agenda (except lacnic) for many years.  do i
need to iterate for every ort of service the registries provide?

we are the registries' customers.  many of us, especially the ones
who pay the registries the most, have to deal with multiple
registries.  can the registries please get over the inter-registry
rivalry and make life more reasonable for us, the paying members?

> We currently have no cross-certification activity in member identity.

where as before i was merely inclined, this has just made me an
extremely strong proponent of the isp web of trust identity model.