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Re: down?

  • From: David Meyer
  • Date: Tue Nov 22 11:08:29 2005

>> bummer that.  data not being collected.  one weeps to think of
>> all those announcements lost forever.
>> is a data gap like a mineshaft gap?

	Just to be clear: 

	The box that hung was We
	collect 'sh ip bgp' RIBs from this box on 2 hour
	intervals. So (sadly) there will be a few holes in that
	data set. However, the MRT format RIB and UPDATE data
	sets are collected on other boxes, and as a result were
	not effected by this outage.  

	Please let me know if you have other questions or
	comments, and again, sorry about the outage. We'll try to
	tighten up our monitoring/coverage so that we don't get a
	prolonged outage again. 



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