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Cisco 7200 + NPE-G1 / 7301

  • From: Ben Butler
  • Date: Fri Nov 18 12:21:28 2005


Anyone got any comments about how good or otherwise the Cisco 7200 +
NPE-G1 or 7301, both with 1GB of RAM, is as a eBGP router + L2TP
terminator for DSL subs, in terms of scalability for bandwidth through
put & the number of VPDN sessions it can terminate before it dies.  Are
the two solutions effectively the same box or are there more technical
differences beyond the obvious number of slots.

Without wanting to start one of those sorts of threads is it time to
look at something else, i.e. Juniper, for cost / performance, or should
I stick with the heard and what I know in Cisco.

Kind Regards

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