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Re: Someone from registrar please contact me off-list

  • From: Evaldo Gardenali
  • Date: Thu Nov 17 16:24:57 2005

Hannigan, Martin wrote:
You know, if people are going to post here as a paging service, it would
be nice to put some indication as to why - perhaps the rest of us can
assist more quickly? 9 times out of 10 we can since it's usually operator/user error and not necessarily the providers issue. At least
that's my experience with "$doofus to the white lobby phone". YMMV.

Sorry, I know nanog is not a paging service... The indication I can give is: we were locked outside of their website, couldnt log in, they didn't reply to our emails, and when I called them (a few international calls, several days), the answering system said their customer care center was closed.

Since it is a very specific issue, regarding their own system, and not network/infrastructure trouble, I omitted the details. I decided to mail nanog as a last resort because I really hope that there is someone listening.

Interesting enough, one of our folks found out that you can skip their failure someway by indicating you want to buy a domain, not log in... then the system asks you if you got an account and bingo ;)

The normal login procedure, however, used to give us coldfusion errors and now gives us 404 errors.

Sincere apologies, and I hope you understand the situation.

Kind Regards,
Evaldo Gardenali