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Re: Issue AS and Subnet Announcment on BGP - Conflict with a major TelCO - 30h+ of route flapping unresolved

  • From: Geoff Huston
  • Date: Thu Nov 17 15:15:35 2005

At 05:57 AM 18/11/2005, Jeroen Massar wrote:
Geoff Huston wrote:
> Normally I'm rather loathe to send urls around - but in this case you
> may find this APNIC work directly relevant to what you are asking for:

It's really good to see this taking off in the APNIC region, but the big
question: is there any movement in RIPE and ARIN!?

Well the 'standard' answer is that the way to get your RIR to commit to a service is to actively advocate in the relevant forums in your local region that this is an important member service that needs some level of priority in terms of work schedules.

However, it's also the case that this particular item has already attracted some detailed attention across the RIRs and there is considerable levels of liaison within the RIR's based around APNIC's committed schedule of activity. So if the regional policy forums say "its a good thing to do" and the RIR members say "yes, its a really good thing, lets do it" then doubtless you will see schedules and deliverables from all RIRs in relatively short order. So, as with any membership-based organization, its a two-way thing - the members have to also play their part in saying loudly and clearly what they want in terms of services.

A joint effort for
this would be nice and also allow testing across the world. Also if the
certs are deployed in APNIC I am sure that quite some ISP's on this side
of the planet want to verify what is getting announced what they don't
want to see ;) I found that the sig-ca mailinglist is a closed list.

We are certainly not planning for such a restricted outcome, and we at APNIC would definitely like to see this as a complete service across all RIRs, of course.