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Re: Issue AS and Subnet Announcment on BGP - Conflict with a majorTelCO - 30h+ of route flapping unresolved

  • From: Alain Hebert
  • Date: Wed Nov 16 11:44:47 2005


A. Yeap we got the ok
B. I used /21 instead
C. Once that TelCo stop being a child we'll be back to /20, I'll like to keep it clean.

We had excellent support from the peers of that TelCo, so the matters should be resolved today and the subnet back to be announced in his origial form.

Have fun...

Blaine Christian wrote:

On Nov 16, 2005, at 12:15 AM, Alain Hebert wrote:


( There is more interesting details but I will reserve myself. (; )

We're already working on making contact with the upstreams, but you're right I forgot about making more specific announcement.

Thanks again.

Just don't be too surprised if...

A. Your vendors blocks more specifics from you.
B. No one listens to your more specifics because they are TOO specific.
C. You contribute just a little bit more to the de-aggregation of the Internet (tongue in cheek).



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