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Re: gone

  • From: Fredy Kuenzler
  • Date: Wed Nov 16 05:26:50 2005

Fredy Kuenzler wrote:
I can't reach for a while now. And I guess
that the range accidentally has been removed from
advertising ...

show ip bgp
% Network not in table

No one seems to transit AS6895 volounterly anymore. Maybe someone can
point the espanix guys that they only see themselves these days.
To clarify the issue: I got some proposals and positive confirmations,
however I found out only because someone removed it from the DMOZ index:

seejay   	12/Oct/2005
11:00:37 EDT	Website was not available for the last 4 weeks and an IP
is not currently assigned to the host [Zu Ungepr�ften verschoben in
 rapido   	30/Oct/2005
04:58:37 EST	site still unreachable [Gehalten in Unbearbeiteten in
And checking some LG's at I see that less than half of the carriers have the route. So I assume that really noone is transiting AS6895.