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Re: What do we mean when we say "competition?" (was: Re: [Latestdraft of Internet regulation bill])

  • From: Mikael Abrahamsson
  • Date: Wed Nov 16 02:45:11 2005

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005 [email protected] wrote:

This is more or less what BT has done in the UK by splitting
off all the field engineering into a separate company called
Telia in Sweden did that (Skanova), now that they're privatised (partly) they're merging that unit back again, and it never was a really separate unit.

Having a separate cable company with airtight divide to the service company is a must. Economy of scale says only one cable is needed to the consumer, but from there it seems there is enough different ways of doing things that it warrants a plenthora of companies to supply service, I would say at least three.

Price of bw in Sweden which generally has at least 3 different ISPs colocating with telia in the larger phone stations, is at $25 per month plus tax for ADSL 8/1, personally I think that if we had a separate cable company this would actually be slightly lower, if not, we would at least have equal access to the premesis (currently something like 30% of the phonestations are claimed to be "out of space" by Telia, but they can still build-out new services themselves as they prioritize their own equipment).

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