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Re: the iab simplifies internet architecture!

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Tue Nov 15 11:28:08 2005

>>> It's a two way street; vendors need to listen to the ops folks.
>> because they want to sell their equipment and software to the
>> operators?
> yes, including improving (in various ways) their existing equipment 
> and software to make the customer happier.

somehow, the vendors hear from their customers.  the problem is
that isp operators are a small portion of the market.  so having
enterprise, r&e, gummint, ... at nanog is good as it impacts a
larger target area in the vendors.

when we all agree and mount max pressure, we maybe have a 50%
success ratio.

>>> Ops folks need to participate in the IETF.
>> because they want to sell what?  clue?  seems unmarketable.
> So that they can affect the protocols that are going to be
> implemented at a stage where they can still be modified to suit
> their needs, scenarios, requirements, etc.

and what success ratio have we had with this?  10%?  look at the
poster child for operator success at the ietf, ipv6.  it took seven
years to get rid of tla/nla etc.  it took eight+ to get rid of
site-local, yet it keeps rearing its head.  and we still don't have
squat for routing.