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  • From: Pim van Pelt
  • Date: Tue Nov 15 02:34:27 2005


Summary: moves to per 1/Dec/2005.

When Sabri Berisha mailed nanog a couple of weeks ago that he would be
stopping his AS and CC DNSBL lists, I'm sure many users were somewhat
disappointed. Sabri has received a lot of feedback on the matter, but
has decided to stop hosting the lists due to lack of time and other

My employer is one of the ISPs that actively use these lists in our
antispam setup, so I have conferred with them and we came to the
decision that BIT will start hosting the list using the same
generating algorithm, but under a new domain.

I have finished prototyping and have an implementation ready for
production. I worked closely with Sabri to ensure that the data we
will publish is compatible with his. BIT will publish new data 
(800MB, 8M records) on our dnsbl servers on wednesdays at around 
02:00 UTC, and on our ftp/rsync server on the following day. 

I am looking for a couple of US based nameservers (tinydns) to which I
can push the compressed data.cdb file (100M per week) and get query
statistics from (details to be determined), so if any of you have such
gear to share, let me know off-list and maybe we can work something

Met vriendelijke groet,
BIT BV / Ing P.B. van Pelt