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Re: a record?

  • From: Kevin Loch
  • Date: Mon Nov 14 18:34:28 2005

Jeroen Massar wrote:
Enjoy scanning, even I and I guess the rest of this list will be long
time retired and sipping pina coladas and other good stuff (hot
chocolate milk with whipcream and baileys anyone? :) in hawaii or some
other heavenly place the day that the hardware and pipes are available
to scan a single /64 efficiently.
There is no need to scan an entire /64.  Lists of known hosts can be
scanned for sparse addresses.  Lists of known/likely subnets can be
scanned for common human numbering patterns (think servers).

Chances are good that every IPv6 node that talks to untrusted
nodes will end up on one or more 31337 host lists.

- Kevin